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How to Make Passive Income: 7 Tools for Digital Products for Online Stores

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Disclaimer: Some links below are affiliate links. That means if you purchase from my links, I will get a percentage of the sale.

When I created my law firm, I knew I wanted to make passive income. As my firm grew, I knew I needed to stop trading time for dollars. 

It was at that time, I made the decision to go all in on my contract template store aka sell digital products. The downside? It took me FOREVER to figure out what tech I wanted to use. 

I did a ton of research and finally landed on the tools below. This isn’t everything I use, but what I use most often. 

With that being said, in today’s post, I am going to discuss the best online business tools that I use for my digital products to make money online.

The e-learning industry was valued at  $176 billion in 2017 and is projected to grow to $398 billion by 2026*.

Websites are generating $5,000, $10,000, even $100,000 per month from passive income, namely digital products, and it’s time to join the club. 



I created my first e-book inside of Canva. Just in case you don’t know, Canva is a drag and drop graphic design software. You can create different types of social media posts, flyers, resumes, slides, and so much more. You can even record your slides in Canva!

I use Canva almost daily for both creating my digital products and for my social media needs. It’s user friendly and I highly recommend it. I used Canva prior to becoming a business owner and they just keep improving the software.

Canva is free, but the paid software comes with SO many features that it’s worth it to upgrade to the paid version for $12.95/month or $119/year.


I try to send an email to my list weekly. I also use my email list for launches and flash sales. I also like to nurture and create relationships with my subscribers with my emails. I know we are being bombarded with emails but if you are giving your audience value, they will open yours up. 

I also deliver any freebies through my email service provider (p.s. Freebies are one of the gateways to make money online with your digital products). I’ve used a bunch of the different email marketing services, Mailchimp, Mailerlite, and Flodesk. 

I’m currently switching over to ConvertKit, because I need to make sure that my community is getting what they need from me. Convertkit has so much functionality that I couldn’t get from the other services without paying an arm and a leg or the service just not offering it. 

Plus you can use ConvertKit for free with your first 1000 subscribers. If you plan on using your email list a lot and segmenting and tagging your audience, then I recommend Convertkit. If you don’t need as much functionality, then Flodesk may work for you. 


WordPress is a website builder and what I used to build The CEO Legal Loft. WordPress has its own e-commerce shop, Woocommerce. Woocommerce is where I sell all of my individual contract templates.

Supposedly, WordPress is the best for SEO, but I’m not sure if that’s just a rumor. Plus, it has a blog built in so that you can generate traffic to your website. The more traffic to your website, the likely you are to increase eyes on your digital products!

I use Siteground to host my WordPress site, but there are plenty of hosts out there that also host WordPress sites.


Thrivecart is a cart software so that you can create high converting checkout pages, upsells, sales funnels. The one thing that I love about Thrivecart is that it’s a one time fee! And I made my money back in a month using Thrivecart. 

But don’t think that because you’re  using Thrivecart, you will sell your products. You need to make sure you have a good product that your audience wants. 

Another awesome feature with Thrivecart is the easy affiliate setup. This means your purchasers and audience can sell and market your products for you and they’ll get a fee.

With Thrivecart, you can deliver your digital products through them or integrate with your course platform using Zapier. They also have a fantastic Facebook Group which is super helpful.


If you decide you’re going to pick up Thrivecart, then you need to get these high converting checkout and sales page templates.

I can’t say enough great things about these templates. They’re beautiful and so easy to plug in your copy. I also love having an all in one solution instead of having to embed the checkout to the sales page. 

If you want to see an example of the sales page template, check out The LLC Launch sales page.  


I will always rave about Pixistock. Pixistock started out as a stock photography website, and Alicia (the owner) has grown it into a membership that helps you market your digital products on  social media so you can make passive income online.

Pixistock has different templates that you can import into Canva, such as, Pinterest pins, Instagram Carousel and Engagement posts, e-book templates, slide templates, and more. 

Also,I love that the stock photos are inclusive and diverse. You can use these photos on social media, on Pinterest, and for your blog posts. 

But that’s not all, Alicia has created an AWESOME content calendar for your social media marketing needs. She gives you prompts, a list of hashtags for different industries, caption starters, and more. Her prompts have saved me hours of creating. 

If you can’t tell, I highly recommend it and sometimes she offers lifetime deals on the membership.


Loom is a screen recording software. This is where I record all of my presentations including SOPs for my virtual assistants. The great thing about Loom is that you can show your face or hide it. 

I recorded my trademark course using Loom. It made the process so much easier because I was able to stop and start recording to reference my notes without having to start over. 

The Loom feature I love the most is that you can trim and edit the recording if you’ve stumbled or lost your train of thought. For $10/month, it’s most definitely been worth it to me, and one of the best online business tools for me.


If this is the first time you’re visiting my site, you probably saw a pop up offering you 3 legal templates. I used Convertbox to show that to you. Convertbox is a software tool that helps website owners and marketers create and display targeted opt-in forms, surveys, quizzes, and calls-to-action on their website. It allows you to design and customize various types of interactive forms and pop-ups to collect email addresses and other user data, which can be used to segment and personalize marketing campaigns. Convertbox also provides various targeting and triggering options to display the forms to the right audience at the right time, such as exit intent, scroll triggers, and geo-location targeting. It platform with popular email marketing services and website builders (including Convertkit and WordPress), and provides analytics and reporting to track performance and optimize conversion rates. Overall, Convertbox is designed to help website owners and marketers increase engagement, generate leads, and grow their email list. It’s one of my FAVORITE tools and I love using it to show one time special offers.


There you have it, the 7 tools I’m using to create passive income in my business.

Don’t forget, if you are selling digital products, you’ll want to make sure your content is protected.

You can grab the Digital Product Usage Agreement along with 2 other legal templates. This is an agreement between you and a purchaser that gives them permission and guidelines to use your digital products. It also covers what happens if they don’t abide by the terms. 

*E-Learning Global Market Outlook Report

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    Thank you for all the information

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    Great post! I absolutely love Canva. I could rave about it all day. I recently discovered Pixistock and it’s amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for sharing. I love using Canva too. It makes designing so simple. I’ll have to brave it and try to create an ebook too. Thanks.

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