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The CEO Legal Kit is the all-in-one legal lifejacket that helps you navigate through the world of business with a dome of protection over your head at all times.

With The CEO Legal Kit, you’ll be able to scale without worry, take risks more confidently, and sleep easier at night knowing that your business is legally secure.

Inside we discuss:
  • The policies and protocols you need to handle returns, refunds, and chargebacks perfectly.
  • A complete explanation of business legal entities and how to choose the right one for you.
  • A list of the legal contracts you need for your business to have legal systems in place
  • What to do when you find a website copycat using your content without your permission
  • Guidance on ADA compliance for your website so you can avoid a costly lawsuit
  • How to protect your content online
  • An image copyright guide that allows you to use visual content without getting in legal trouble.
  • How to do a proper trademark search so that you won't get sued for trademark infringement (statutory damages are between $1,000 and $200,000)

The CEO Legal Kit

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What you get

 01. 13 modules including 8 video modules on the most important aspects of running a business online

02. Website disclaimer and disclosure templates

03. Refund policy templates

04. Chargeback rebuttal letter template

Bonus: You'll also get the Contract Checkup, a guide that helps you create your own basic contract plus what to do to ensure your contracts are enforceable.