Create your own basic contract that covers your bases, protects your intellectual property, and get paid on time with this go-to guide.

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Are you putting legal on the backburner?

Contracts can be overwhelming, but let's get you unstuck

Your business is no longer a hobby and protecting yourself legally is a business expense you can't overlook. Spending hours and days on something which is beyond your capacity is not a good use of your busy day.

You're going all-in on your dreams and along with tackling the money-makers on your to do list, you need  to make sure you aren't using contracts that aren't even valid.

That's where The Contract Checkup comes in.

When a contract is invalid and can't be enforced

A 16 point checklist to use so that you're not missing important terms in your contract

Plug and play contract terms all contracts need

How to sign a contract properly 

What to include so you get paid on time

The 4 parts that create a contract

The Contract Checkup covers:

How to end a contract amicably

Continuous updates as the law changes so that you're in the know and compliant.

A fillable checklist for the contract terms you need to include in your contracts

A PDF that you can save to your computer so you can access it at any time. 

You'll get:

It can be intimidating reading contracts and trying to understand what they actually mean. But negotiating and signing contracts are a part of your job as CEO. 

Your head is wrapped around so many things that it's easy not to think about the legal aspects. But now you have an almost decade long attorney who will help you navigate what your contracts need and how to ensure you're creating valid contracts that you can enforce.

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Contracts are non-negotiable as a business owner. Let me help you decipher them.

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You don't want to overlook issues in a contract that costs you time, money, or worse, your livelihood.

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