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Feeling like you're constantly spinning your wheels, trying to figure out why your business progression doesn't seem to match your efforts? Join me on this exclusive journey, where I'll share the key lessons I've learned to help you turbocharge your business progression and achieve your entrepreneurial goals faster and with fewer setbacks.

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You’ve been there: endlessly searching for the golden nugget in a sea of blogs, webinars, and podcasts to elevate your business. It’s time to slice through the clutter and get real, practical advice.

Enter The Legal Love Note – your gateway to not just legal tips, but a treasure trove of firsthand business insights from someone who's running their own online business. Keeping you in the loop with what's working and not working, as well as empowering you with knowledge to make savvy decisions for your business.

 I was a little stressed about compiling the different disclaimers I would need, and figuring out how to word my refund policy and this took all of that weight off of me. Not only am I relieved, I feel more equipped. 

"Not only am I relieved, I feel more equipped. "

This could be you....

A well thought out and resourceful product. These contract templates eased a world of worries for me! No need to worry if I'm covered - I just AM. 

"No need to worry if I'm covered - I just AM."

What a lifesaver! Anything Michelle touches is gold! Her contracts, advice and so much more are everything you needed for your business to keep you protected! Thanks again! 

"Everything you needed for your business to keep you protected."


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Expert Commentary:  Get more than just legal news - benefit from my personal insights and analysis, adding depth and perspective to help you understand how these updates directly affect you and your business.

Up to date news for you: I curate the most relevant news, ensuring you’re always informed about changes that could impact your business.

Tailored for future CEOs: I understand the unique legal needs of entrepreneurs. These legal insights are curated to be relevant, practical, and directly applicable to your business, helping you make informed decisions every step of the way.

Business protection: Tips and strategies are designed to preemptively address legal challenges, minimizing risks that could impact your bottom line.

Strategic Planning and Downtime: Learn how I decide what to prioritize and when to take a much-needed break. It's about smart planning and taking care of your mental health.

Exclusive Audio Insights: Sometimes it's easier to chat than write.  You'll get access to exclusive audio segments where I riff on the complexities of running a business. 

Adapting Strategies: Witness firsthand as I navigate changes to my business. Whether it's removing or adding products or strategies, you'll hear how I'm navigating it. 

Money Talk: I'll share the raw truth about my business's journey, including the hard-hitting realities of revenue fluctuations. Understand what works, what doesn’t, and how to pivot strategically when the numbers don’t add up.

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As an entrepreneur, I know firsthand the whirlwind of challenges and decisions you face daily. Balancing business growth, innovation, and the constant flux of the online world can be overwhelming. Legal concerns? They often take a back seat, unnoticed until they become pressing.

That’s where my unique perspective comes in. With nearly a decade of experience as an attorney, combined with my entrepreneurial journey, I’m here to guide you through the complexities of the online business landscape. I understand the pace, the pressure, and the need for agility - especially in a world where the law struggles to keep up with rapid digital advancements.

My mission? To provide you with legal insights that are not just protective but also strategic, ensuring your business thrives legally and commercially. Consider me your ally in navigating the dynamic and exciting path of online entrepreneurship

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