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You know a lot more than you think. But if you're anything like me, you need a compass to take you in the right direction to feel confident in your decisions.

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Are you thinking of starting an LLC, but worried about the legal liability? If so, this is for you. This book  will give you all the information necessary to not only start your own LLC, but keep it in good standing throughout its lifetime.

The LLC Launch e-book

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Elevate your business game and jumpstart your legal operations with The 5 Day Legal Bootcamp. Conquer the pesky legal obstacles holding you back from turning your business dreams into a magical reality.

5 Day Legal Bootcamp

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The Legal Game Plan is designed to help you prepare for the inevitable obstacles that come with operating your own business, by creating 8 checklists covering legal issues you'll face while running an online business.

Legal Game Plan checklist

"She walks you right through all the things to get set up and keep you legal!"

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"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"

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Get the legal templates that will help protect your online business. You’ll get a:
  • Template so that no one can take your knowledge and re-sell it 
  • Template to protect yourself from the testimonials and reviews and any sponsored content that you have on your website.
  • Template for promoting affiliate links

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