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What do you need today?

Our Recommendations

What do you need today?


As an entrepreneur, small business owner, or online store owner (e-commerce), a terms and conditions and privacy policy page is necessary to ensure that your website and interests are protected and that you’re not collecting information from your visitors illegally.

Disclaimer example from The CEO Legal Loft, featuring the website legal disclaimer template created by a business attorney.


These are the templates you need to limit your liability on your website and give your website visitors what they need to make informed decisions.

Many times NOT having certain disclosures can lead to legal trouble with the FTC. 

You’ll get 9 plug and play templates to use for your website for common legal issues online business owners face.  


Refund policies aren’t only here to protect your company, but it also helps instill confidence in the purchaser.

By using these refund policy templates, you can make sure that you and your customer are happy (as happy as someone can be with something they’re unhappy with) and know the expectations upfront.

my budget is tight, show me the free resources


Watch this attorney led training so that you’re on the right track legally and not making easily preventable mistakes. In this training we’ll discuss:

  • The one document you must have on your website if you’re an online business owner
  • How to properly advertise online so that you’re not paying thousands in violations
  • What your contracts need so that they aren’t lacking

After this training, you’ll have the tools to prevent money going out of your online business that can go towards growing your audience and scaling.


Get the legal templates that will help protect your online business. You’ll get a template so that no one can take your knowledge and re-sell it and you’re covered for things that you definitely don’t think about.

You’ll also receive a template to protect yourself from the testimonials and reviews and any sponsored content that you have on your website.


I know i need to be legally protected, but not sure where to start


When you made the decision to start a business, the first thing you heard was “start an LLC” and that’s easy enough to do on your own. But what happens after that? 

How do you maintain an LLC so that you’re actually limiting your liability and protecting your personal assets?

This is what you’ll learn in The LLC Launch. Topics like insurance, how to transfer your LLC to another state, how to obtain your EIN, and more.



    Clueless about setting up your business legally and all of the laws you have to follow? In The CEO Legal Kit, you’ll learn about the types business structures to set up your business, how to handle chargebacks, legally advertising online, website compliance with the ADA, and so much more.

    Plus you’ll get 29 templates, including your legal disclaimers and disclosures, refund policy templates, a chargeback response template, and more.

    I don’t know what I don’t know, so I need a one-stop shop for all my legal resources


    This is the ultimate resource if you’re truly committed to a business that you take seriously. You may be in that weird stage in the 1st or 2nd year where you’re steadily growing, but you’re not ready to hire an attorney yet.

    In this membership, you’ll get access to all the contract templates you need, legal guides, and exclusive masterclasses.

    If legally protecting your business is on your bingo card this year, then this membership is exactly what you need.


    The CEO Legal Loft is owned by Michelle W. Murphy, LLC and is not a law firm. Nothing on this website is legal advice and no attorney-client relationship is formed by purchasing or viewing a contract template or purchasing any product on this site. If you have a specific problem and need legal advice, contact a licensed attorney in your state or the state bar.