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You don't have to do it alone.

What would it feel like to be secure and confident in your business and services?

Now imagine if all your blood, sweat, and tears went down the drain because of a tiny legal mistake? Filing for your business entity is just a form, but if you aren't taking the steps to being fully compliant, your personal assets like your bank account, children's college funds, and in some states, your house, is fair game to pay back  business debts.

The most popular route to go with is hiring an attorney to do the heavy lifting. But, you're on a strict budget funding your dream and DIY is the way to go.

And this is where things start to go south: Thousands of forms, a landmine of copyright, insurance, and tax laws, and an arsenal of greedy attorneys waiting for you to slip up so they can take you and your business down.

But The LLC Launch e-book has you covered.

And so much more!

What insurance you need to protect your assets

Most importantly: What to do after establishing an LLC

How and where to register your LLC

A complete explanation of business structures

How to obtain your EIN number for free

Documents and forms you need for creating and maintaining a compliant LLC

topics we cover:

Use this exceptional, comprehensive, all-in-one playbook to help you make your LLC the best business decision you’ve ever made. 

4. Add the finishing touch with contracts & trademarks.


3. Consider insurance options.


2. Discover the compliance forms you need.


1. Learn about the different business structures.


Properly set up and maintain your LLC using the S.C.I.F. process

How it works

Forming LLC's comes second nature to me

I'm here to help

Working with small business owners to form their LLC is my job

I’m a trademark and small business lawyer in the sunny state of Florida. If you are an online business owner, blogger, or service provider who is putting legal “stuff” on the back burner, you aren’t alone.

You can cross out your worries and concerns while running your online business with the resources on The CEO Legal Loft. It's tough running a business, and you're the reason behind our mission to get as many business owners legal no matter the budget. 



The LLC Launch is Simply The Gift That Keeps On Giving.

Understand the differences between a Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, LLC, and Corporation.

A step-by-step guide to forming your LLC, starting with the location, the name, the
documents you need, and much more!

Discover the pitfalls to avoid and gracefully skip over them to save time, money, and peace of mind.

THE Beneficial ownership INFORMATION guide


On January 1, 2024, the Beneficial Ownership Information reporting rule went into effect. And the majority of businesses must file this information with the federal government.

This resource offers a deep dive into navigating the new Beneficial Ownership Information reporting rule under the Corporate Transparency Act including:

  • How to prevent daily fines up to $500 and serious criminal charges
  • Understand who must report and what details you have to include
  • What types of businesses are exempt
  • Step-by-Step instructions for filing your report if your entity was formed before January 1, 2024 
  • more

-Love the Life You Live 

The Legal Loft makes legal tasks fun since the products are intuitive and uncomplicated which puts my mind at ease! 

"And omg, this LLC Launch is literally a crash-course ."

- Melody


And the cherry on top? 

You'll be able to conveniently launch your LLC with a guide written by a seasoned business attorney, who helps business owners, like you, formulate their business entities on a daily basis!


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