Stop trying to do the legal stuff alone and get these essential business legal guides for less! This business bundle contains our best-selling resources on everything from contracts and trademarks to insurance and LLCs, all designed to protect your business from being shutdown due to lawsuits.

This is a one of a kind bundle that costs less than spending a half hour with an attorney. 

 01. LLC Launch e-book: This guide will show you how to create and maintain an LLC so that you aren't personally liable for business debts.

02. The CEO Legal Kit: The CEO Legal Kit is the ultimate legal guide for online business owners. From creating and managing your website disclaimers and disclosures, how to protect your content to copycat, to responding to chargebacks, we've got your back forward-thinking entrepreneur.

03. Refund request response templates: You can now use our refund response templates to deliver the perfect, personalized response. We’ll walk you through exactly what to say so that your customers will be satisfied, stay happy with your company, and come back as loyal customers.

04. Contract checkup: The Contract Checkup is a comprehensive legal guide for business owners to make sure they have valid, enforceable contract terms in their contracts. Includes plug and play contract terms to make it easy to create your own basic contract.

05. Legal Game Plan Checklist: Keeping your online business legal and compliant is challenging, but this checklist to make sure you’re up to par with the law. We've put together 8 lists with legal tips that cover everything from website compliance to subscription laws, so you can focus on running your business instead of getting sued.

06. Sleigh Your Sales holiday promotion guide: Learn how to sell your products online legally with this attorney drafted guide for a compliant holiday sales season. This guide will help you understand how the law applies to your e-commerce business, how to avoid regulatory pitfalls, and keep your business safe from potential legal liability.

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The Legal Boost Bundle

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