Single Member LLC Operating Agreement Bundle


A single member LLC operating agreement is an instructional manual that governs your business. Your LLC operating agreement is a written record of who owns and manages the LLC, the powers that members have over the LLC and what actions they can take, what happens to profits and losses, and what happens if you end your LLC. Some states don’t require an operating agreement, but it’s still a great idea to have this legal document in your business for major business decisions that you’ll have to make in the future.

In this bundle, you’ll also get access to two LLC resolutions templates. LLC resolutions are a written record of important decisions made by members that describes an action taken by the company and confirms that members were informed about it and agreed to it. Even if you’re a single member LLC, you’ll need to have these as evidence to separate yourself from your business.

Once you start adding more members, you’ll need to get an operating agreement for multiple members (and an attorney).

Here’s what’s inside the single member LLC operating agreement template:

  • Names of parties to the operating agreement
  • Name of principal place of business
  • Your registered agent
  • Purpose
  • Powers of the member
  • Member termination
  • Profits, losses, and distributions
  • Management of the Company
  • Dissolution and termination of LLC
  • Indemnification Clause

...and more!

Who is this template for?

  • New business owners who need an operating agreement to register their LLC
  • Business owners who want to be sure that they are separating their business so they won't be liable for legal business issues
  • Need to get a loan or make major financial decisions that need proof of business

Note: Once you have completed your template, it is best to have a business attorney in your state review your contract because every state has different contract laws. This template is based on United States law.

Disclaimer: This template is not legal advice and is for educational purposes only—neither the purchase of this template nor the included information form an attorney-client relationship.

Refund policy: There is a 7-day money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied for any reason. No refunds will be given after 7 days.


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