When interviewing guests on your podcast, you’ll need a podcast guest release to protect your business and podcast. A podcast guest release allows you to edit the podcast how you’d like without the guest’s permission. Without written consent, a guest can sue you if they aren’t happy with end result of the show.

By having a podcast guest release template, you’re able to have full control over the content and how you advertise it to your audience whether on IG, FB, your website, or any of your marketing materials.

If your podcast is a lead magnet to get clients for your 1:1 services, you can purchase the general services or the general coaching. contract template.

Podcast Guest Release

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What you get

 01. In this template we cover host and guest responsibilities, who has editing authority, length of interview, ownership of intellectual property, liability protection, and more. 

02. A customizable Google doc with instructions on how to fill out your template for your business's needs and your boundaries.