Do you have these 10 contracts in your business to take you from solopreneur to CEO?

Discover which contracts you need to grow your team and your revenue, while still protecting your business.

With this guide you’ll:

Find out the contract you need if you want others to market for you so you can wake up in the morning to sales in your inbox (cha-ching $)

Know which three (3) contracts you need when hiring. Yep there’s three!

Learn the often overlooked contract terms you need so that anyone who visits your website or works for you can’t steal your content without consequences (aka lawsuits and cease and desist letters)

Straight-forward, easy-to-use and everything I was looking for! Thanks for making all this legal stuff such a pain-free process! 🙂


It was a pleasure working with Michelle. She was so kind & pleasant and honest about her opinions. She explained all of the legal jargon in a way that was easy to understand. Highly recommend working with her! You won’t regret it.


I am a small business owner who needed assistance in setting up my LLC. I had a unique issue and Michelle was incredibly helpful in helping to resolve the problem. If you need a sharp, savvy, yet down-to-earth attorney, she is the one!


In 30min, Michelle gave me SO much clarity on the next steps for my practice! I feel clear and confident on my options that she thoughtfully laid out, and I truly appreciate her guidance. I look forward to working with her in the future!


Meet Michelle!

I am Michelle Murphy, the owner of The CEO Legal Loft and Wilson Murphy Law, a boutique law firm that partners with creative entrepreneurs and small business owners to protect their intellectual property and small business.

I have been working with small businesses for almost 2 years and knows the legal issues they face on a daily basis. I created this guide so you can have a base and start thinking about the contracts you need to build your library.