THE CEO LEGAL Loft Membership

The ACCESSIBLE Option for Creatives and Small Business Owners to Get the Legal Help They Need – RIGHT AT YOUR FINGERTIPS

You aren’t alone if you:

Are an entrepreneur starting your dream business (while still working your 9-5). You know you need a strong legal foundation but the information is confusing and 1-on-1 legal help is pricey.

Have started your small business but could fill in the holes of your client contracts (and maybe streamline the process along the way). 

Are ready to grow your business by hiring some help but want to make sure the business is protected with NDAs, contractor agreements, and payment options. 

You want access to reliable legal and business guidance for common issues business owners face

DISCLAIMER: This membership is for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. All resources are based on US laws. Nothing inside this membership is legal advice and no attorney-client relationship is formed with this membership. If you need an attorney, contact a licensed attorney in your state.

Business advice through a legal lens at Your FIngertips

You know a strong legal foundation is essential for long-term success, no matter the stage of business ownership you’re in. But, you have so many questions: 

✷ What contracts do I even need for my online business?

✷ How do I know I’m covered before everything goes up in flames?

✷ Do I need a subcontractor, an independent contractor, or an employee?

✷ Someone wants a refund – what do I do?!

It is totally normal to have questions and worry about the security of your business, and often an internet search only makes things worse. But, hiring a business attorney every time you have a question is out-of-the-question. 

Yet the last thing you want to do is make a legal misstep and have your dream business fall to pieces. 

You can protect your business every step of the way without the expensive hourly legal fees. Small business owners know  when it comes to legal advice, your sister’s neighbor’s friend isn’t 100% reliable.

You need sound legal guidance that doesn’t include the confusing (and conflicting) mumbo jumbo you find on the internet.

If only there were legal templates that I could apply in my own business (that were rock solid and written by an attorney!)

Imagine Having Contracts and Legal TIPS All In One Place

Having all of the answers you need in one place allows you to:

✷ Build your business fearlessly because you’ve had your questions answered

✷ Protect your business without hassles and fees.

✷ Spend more time with those you love because you aren’t drafting contract after contract or searching for legal answers

✷ Hire and expand your operation confidently without putting what you’ve built at risk.

✷ Sleep soundly at night because you know your business is protected with legally binding contracts that will hold up in court.

    Imagine clearly knowing what you need to have in place to protect your business and having the resources you need to implement those documents – an all-in-one legal membership for entrepreneurs

    Introducing the ceo legal loft membership

    ceo legal loft membership for business owners

    Keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket while getting the essential protection you need with The CEO Legal Loft Membership. With one flat fee, you’ll have access to a professional attorney who “gets” it. 

    Finally, a reliable legal source to access all of your legally binding contract templates, legal clauses, trademark information, and more!

    By signing up, you’ll enjoy: 

    ✷ Unlimited Access to a Library of Lawyer Drafted Contracts to Expand Your Offerings And Add Additional Revenue Streams

    ✷ Member-only Exclusive Contract Templates

    ✷ Live Q & As with an Attorney

    ✷ Exclusive Invitations to Quarterly Masterclasses Where I’ll Break Down Legal Concepts That Will Make Or Break Your Business

    ✷ Free and Immediate Access to All Future Contracts and Templates

    ✷ Lifetime Access to all contracts, course, and masterclasses (even if their individual price goes up!) 


    The Woman Behind The Contracts

    legal membership for entrepreneurs

    Hey there! 

    I’m Michelle Murphy, a small business lawyer in the sunny state of Florida. I partner with creative entrepreneurs and small business owners, helping them build and protect their dream business. 

    I created The CEO Legal Loft Membership to fill a void in the small business world. Internet searches leave business owners more stressed, overwhelmed, and confused than when they start. Entrepreneurs need access to reliable legal answers so they can become who they were meant to be – confident and fearless business owners.

    The CEO Legal Loft Membership Is the Go-To Legal Resource for Entrepreneurs

    Stop wasting your time with internet searches. 

    Download what you need and get on with your busy day. 

    What you’ll receive with your exclusive membership:

    ✷ Member-Only Access to the Full Contract Library

    ✷ EXCLUSIVE Member-Only Contracts (Not Available Anywhere Else)

    ✷ Live Q & As with an Attorney 

    ✷Instant Downloads to legal guides and more!


    ✷ The CEO Legal Kit

    ✷ Tackle Your Trademark: A DIY Trademark Application Course

    ✷ The Contract Checkup

    Your life before The CEO Legal Loft Membership

    ➣ You spend hours researching what to include in your contract, but everything is in legal jargon and your head hurts at the end of it.

    ➣ You spend more time drafting a contract by hand, potentially putting your business at risk for disaster, and you’re just waiting for the ONE nightmare client.

    ➣ You’re ready to start, grow, or scale your business but the stress from legal has you paralyzed. 

    ➣ The “Imposter Syndrome” is real. Are you really a successful business owner with all of these unanswered questions?


    Your life after The CEO Legal Loft Membership

    ➣ You are headache-free and sending contracts like the professional you are.

    ➣ You save time by instantly downloading the easy-to-use contract template that helps protect you from a nightmare.

    ➣ You have the answers you need to register a trademark, prevent chargebacks, and hire subcontractors so you can confidently start or grow your business.

    ➣ You cared enough about your business to invest in a membership with the answers you need, therefore solidifying the belief that you are an entrepreneurial rockstar!


    Will it be a good fit for me?

    If you are an online business or service based business, this is perfect for you. This legal membership has contract templates to make your website legal, hiring, and service contracts for a variety of industries. In addition, you have resources that help you understand the legal foundations of an online and service business.

    Do I get access to everything as soon as I join?

    Yes! You’ll have immediate access to the contract templates library and guides. Since this is a beta, not everything is ready, which is why you’re getting it at this amazing price! Our first masterclass is scheduled for the end of the October, and contract templates will be added monthly.

    What happens after I purchase?

    You’ll be redirected to a welcome page and you’ll be able to create your log in for your membership. You’ll also receive 2 emails: your purchase receipt and a welcome email with the links you’ll need to access your membership.

    Are you my attorney?

    No. The CEO Legal Loft is an educational resource, and you will not have 1:1 access to an attorney in the membership. If you need access to an attorney, you can contact Wilson Murphy Law or go to an attorney in your state.

    What if I don’t have much time to spend on it right now?

    That’s ok because you will have access to the course for as long as it exists.

    So if you can’t dive in right now, you’ll still have access next month and you’ll have all the updated products.

    There are no plans for it to expire—if that changes, you’ll have 6 months’ notice beforehand.

    What's inside of the membership again?

    ✷ Lifetime access to contract templates, legal guides, a trademark course (currently updating), and future masterclasses. This curriculum is packed with so much value, and you’ll finally understand what that contract someone sends you means.

    ✷ Consistent contract template uploads and quarterly masterclasses. All of the products in the membership will be updated with every change in law or any information I feel is imperative to protecting your business.

    ✷ Lowest price ever. Lock it in now!

    ✷ The cost of one contract template is normally $250. To hire my law firm to draft custom contracts, this service starts at $750. You are getting multiple contract templates drafted by me plus multiple legal guides, a trademark course, and future masterclasses for a fraction of the cost.

    What if I don’t like it, can I get my money back?

    I’ve worked really hard on this membership and want to make sure that you’re happy with your purchase.

    If for any reason, you are unsatisfied with your membership, you may get a refund within 7 days of purchase ONLY if you have accessed 2 products or less within the membership.

    Your Business Is In Your Hands

    You Have A Choice

    You can continue worrying about whether your business is protected, researching the law for small businesses, and second-guessing yourself at every turn


    Protect your business from startup to scaling with one membership that holds reliable legal contracts and agreements, guides, classes, and more

    Go from Second Guessing to Confident Entrepreneur


    Pay In Full



    Pay In Full



    3 Payments of 


    REFUND POLICY: If for any reason, you are unsatisfied with your membership, you may get a refund within 7 days of purchase ONLY if you have accessed 2 products or less within the membership.

    Get 30% off all contract templates in the shop. Offer ends 8/15.