All access pass to attorney drafted contracts & resources, without the expense.

All access pass to attorney drafted contracts & resources, without the expense.

Need contract templates plus legal resources that are trustworthy, straightforward, and comprehensive while legally protecting your business? Get access to 37 resources from The CEO Legal Loft when you join today.

are you still putting legal on the back burner?

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Get quality contracts at your fingertips that protect your business AND attract a different caliber of clients. You’ve spent countless hours learning more than you wanted to know about contracts and running your business legally — when all you really want to do is create and help your clients improve their life. 

 Waking up to cha-chings and not rushing to your email every morning trying to put out fires because you finally have the legal systems in place to take care of common issues like refunds or unauthorized access to your course or membership. But right now you feel stuck, and unsure of what to do to get the legal affairs of your business in order.

Are you staying up late drafting your own contracts using examples off the internet, knowing it’s a huge gamble for your business?

You didn't go to law school, so why do this alone?

"What are you waiting for? The price alone is worth peace of mind for you not to be sued."

-current member

But What if You:

no longer felt alone while feeling anxiety of owning a business

Go all in on your dream of  launching a blog or business without putting your family at risk

No longer felt stress with that nagging feeling that something bad was going to happen because you weren't legally protected

A legal membership providing you with premium contract templates that you can revise & use over and over again for your business and projects. Also get legal guides + that save you time and energy on what you need to do to protect your online business.

Here's a list of the resources and templates you'll get when you sign up

The CEO Legal loft



The Contract Library

With this library, you’ll have access to everything you need to cover your bases from the beginning. You’ll be able to launch your site, add new offerings like a VIP day or coaching, hire contractors or influencers, and so much more. Leaving it up to a judge (or a credit card company for chargebacks) to interpret your situation is a no-go and these contract templates are the solution for that.

membership breakdown:

Legal Guides

If you’re like me, you like to know the WHY. Things don’t click until you know the WHY. And that’s what the legal guides in the membership do. You’ll get access to The Contract Checkup, which explains what actually makes up a contract and what needs to be included. You’ll also get the Sleigh Your Sales guide, which details what you need to be thinking about when you’re selling during the holiday season (and off season). Plus access to our bestseller, The LLC Launch.

Past Masterclasses

Get access to masterclasses that I've taught in the past including guidance on privacy policies and a walkthrough showing you how to fill out the template.





The results you're going to get:

How does this sound?

clients who take you seriously because you have ironclad contracts

handling legal obstacles like refunds and chargebacks

direction on what to do legally to avoid costly mistakes

no longer winging it with your contracts


Click the button to join, and go through the check-out. In just a few minutes, an email will hit your inbox (lookout for the subject line "How to access your course") with login details.


You can dive right in and choose the templates you need. Can’t start right away? No worries. You’ve got lifetime access and the goods will still be available when you’re ready.


Start filling out your templates and reading through the guides. You’ll have boundaries in place from the beginning so your clients or workers can’t walk over you.


How it works

"It's worth the investment because of the abundant content in it now."

"This course gave me the courage to finally quit my job, and start my biz"

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Don't wait for the other shoe to drop to be legally prepared...

Get the full list of all of the resources you'll access when you join the membership. 

so let's get started!

"It is sooooo great and helpful"

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I am SO grateful for all of this. These are questions I have had swirling in my head and now I can move on! Loving Voxer too!! And I love that you are doing this. People like me NEED you!! Thank you for doing this membership! It is sooooo great and helpful!

"The most valuable part is having Q&A or live calls with Michelle"

The contracts and legal disclaimers are helpful to have for your website and business. The most valuable part is having Q&A or live calls with Michelle.

"This investment will go a long way in your business and save you thousands of dollars in the long run.”

The... Membership has literally given me a breathe of fresh air. Being an entrepreneur with a consulting business and extensive membership platform, it’s important that I not only secure the bag but also protect my business smarts as well. [It] has given me the legal structure that’s needed to operate on a higher level, scale my businesses, and protect my investments. I would highly recommend the [it] to any entrepreneur. This investment will go a long way in your business and save you thousands of dollars in the long run.


thank you so much for your time. I super value you and love being part of the membership. <3


take a look inside

One Payment

best value!



Let me just make it very clear… it doesn’t matter how great your marketing and message is, if you continue putting the legal aspects on the back burner.

If you don’t have the legal foundations in your business, the MAIN thing you need to be focusing on is setting up your legal systems. Period.

Because it may not happen today or tomorrow, but 60% of business owners have had a major legal issue within the past 2 years.

And yup, you COULD get all of these contracts and legal help another way, but it’d mean having to pay for all of your contracts separately (and that adds up quickly) or spending hours looking for free templates and still not feeling protected (and do you, with your hectic, schedule really have time for that?). 

If you’re like me, you have to analyze EVERYTHING before making a decision (that’s just my Libra rising because decision making…not mah thang) 

Come on in, the water's fine

Let's throw in some extras

During this time, you'll also receive:
  • A $30 credit to The CEO Legal Loft
  • (1) Basic trademark search of your company or course name through my law firm through June 30 

Goodbye Bonus!

Be able to take action on the legal aspects that used to give you migraines 

Easy to understand resources that are in plain English so you can finally GET ISH DONE

Stop spending hours looking for free templates because you have access to ones drafted plus reviewed by another attorney 

Have clear guidance on the legal tasks that you need to undertake. 

Once you join, you'll:


 This has been a no brainer investment. I am so happy I joined! 

- michelle

The CEO Legal Loft membership has given me such peace of mind. It is such an amazing resource. I know that I have access to important legal resources and templates now, and for future situations that may come up, without having to pay additional fees. This has been a no brainer investment. I am so happy I joined! The guides and masterclasses are so helpful! In addition, the templates are so easy to use, and I'm also loving the trademark course! Also, Michelle has impeccable customer service and is always updating the membership with new resources. I love getting her emails saying something else has been added! I get excited because I know it is something of value! This membership is worth every penny! For your own peace of mind- don't hesitate on this investment! Join!

"It's worth educating yourself and learning with guidance from Michelle."

I'd say to just do it! It's more reading than you might expect - since we're so used to video webinars and courses - but it's worth educating yourself and learning with guidance from Michelle and updated info and templates as you go.

When I went to law school, it was like learning another language. And it always boggled my mind, why professors couldn't review cases in plain English. When I opened my law firm, I vowed to create a firm, that would make my clients comfortable and less intimated by the law. And now with The CEO Legal Loft, we're taking it to another level by offering you resources that many small business owners need while going all in on their business dreams.

Your head is wrapped around so many things that it's easy ignore the legal aspects. But now you have an almost decade long attorney who will help you navigate how to legally protect your business before you end up in hot water that's going to cost you. 

This is your livelihood and you need to stay vigilant and informed. Inside the membership, we're constantly updating our contracts and creating new resources when there's major changes in the law.

but I can help!

Contracts are non-negotiable as a business owner. Let me help you decipher them.

contracts are the name of my game

This resources is the only one of its kind because...

there's few attorneys that are giving you all of the templates they use for their client, plus access to guides 

Just because you aren't making millions or billions a year, doesn't mean you don't deserve to protect your livelihood. We all know that big brands get away with a lot because they have teams of attorneys working for them.

Your business is just as valuable, if not more, because you're helping communities that need it the most. Helping others create wealth to live a life that's fulfilling and on their own terms.

This bundle includes everything to lead you on your legal journey.

Building a legal system to help protect your business

Attracting a different caliber of clients

Building a team while still ensuring your intellectual property is protected

Stop exposing your family to liabilities that could come down the road

If you want this to be the year that you *finally* commit to:


Please note due to the retirement of this bundle, this will be self-paced, non-refundable, and does not come with call or email support. No additional resources will be added. 


This      for you if:

You are a service provider, e-commerce owner, coach, blogger, or consultant

You're not sacrificing paying other bills to join

You aren’t a business owner

You have an attorney who is drafting your contracts for your business

You want to take all the mystery and stress out of handling the legal matters for your new business



It's probably        for you if...


Let's do this.


Do I get access to everything as soon as I join?

Yes! You’ll have immediate access to the contract templates library and guides.

What happens after I purchase?

You’ll be redirected to a welcome page instructing you how to login. You’ll also receive 3 emails: your purchase receipt, one from Thrivecart with your login credentials, and a welcome email.

Will I get access to an attorney?

No. Because I am no longer offering this bundle, there will be no support. 

What if I don't like it?

Due to the retirement of this bundle and the deep discount, I will not be giving out refunds. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the resources continue to be updated?

Because these resources live on Google Drive, you'll be able to access any and all updates to the templates and resources.


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