Do you work with independent contractors often? You need to make sure that your independent contractor agreement doesn’t hold them out to be an employee, because you’re on dangerous ground if it does. And you don’t even know it. Misclassification of an independent contractor will result in fines, and possibly jail time.

When hiring independent contractors, using this template will help you avoid common pitfalls. With this document, you will benefit from clear communication regarding the scope of work, agreed-upon payments and dates of payment, and other details that ensure a smooth transaction for both parties.

This lawyer drafted contract template makes it clear that they are an independent contractor and not your employee.

Note: This template is for someone hiring an independent contractor. If you’re an independent contractor, check out the Service Provider or Virtual Assistant template.

Independent Contractor Template

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What you get

 01. This contract creates a clear relationship between you and who you've hired. It covers:
  • The services you're getting
  • Termination clause
  • An independent-contractor clause to clearly explain the contractor-client relationship, i.e., what you do and don't do for them.
  • A confidentiality clause to ensure that all company secrets are safe.\

02. A customizable Google doc with instructions on how to fill out your template for your business's needs