Use this coaching contract to solidify the details of your working relationship. Whenever you’re building a strong, trusting relationship with someone, it’s important to make sure all terms are clear and explicit. That’s where a contract comes in handy – it makes sure that all parties understand what their responsibilities are and how they will be compensated. Use this template as a starting point to help flesh out the details of your agreement.

This coaching contract template will help prevent chargebacks, protect your business ideas, and set clear expectations for your client. This coaching agreement also comes with termination and client responsibility clauses to help you deal with the “know-it-all” clients or lazy clients who don’t want to put in the work. Scroll to find out what else is included in this easy-to-use, simple contract template.

General Coaching Contract Template

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What you get

01. The coaching agreement protects you from clients who try to bail because they don't want to put in the work or stop paying for your coaching services without telling you. This also covers clients that repeatedly show up late and don't respect your time.

02. A customizable Google doc with instructions on how to fill out your template for your business's needs and your boundaries.