Customizable contract Templates that protects your content, COURSES, AND DIGITAL PRODUCTS, SETS BOUNDARIES FOR PURCHASERS, AND saves you UP TO $20 million IN fineS 

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Sometimes you worry that your contracts are not actually protecting you and your business. And you’re ready to change that. 

It’s time to stop fearing the worst

You keep seeing that the content inside your favorite creator’s digital course was stolen. And you’re just waiting for the ball to drop and one of your purchaser’s to do the same to you. 

You also keep hearing that you need this contract and that contract for your website, and your head is spinning because WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO INCLUDE? Maybe you pieced together contracts from your business coach or a course creator but you’re just not sure if you have what you need inside of it.

 THE DIGITAL SALES PACK is here to fix that.

What a lifesaver! Anything Michelle touches is gold! Her contracts, advice and so much more are everything you needed for your business to keep you protected! Thanks again!

Kaily R.

The Nine Ten Company

The Woman Behind The Contracts

legal membership for entrepreneurs

Hey! I’m Michelle Murphy, a small business attorney.

After working with small businesses daily with their legal issues, I began seeing a pattern of contracts that were missing in their business. These missing contracts were imperative for their success and to be legally compliant.

And as you’re growing your business, I know that deciding which contracts you need (and have to write) is just another thing to add to your never ending to-do list.  

And just so you know that I practice what I preach, my own terms and conditions have protected me from chargebacks. I have tweaked my terms and conditions so that they are solid. Most importantly, they address chargebacks and refund policies (a major factor in chargebacks that credit card companies look at).

Straight-forward, easy-to-use and everything I was looking for! Thanks for making all this legal stuff such a pain-free process! 🙂

Deanna C.

You are a creative that loves supporting your clients, but you’re not a lawyer.

⚡ What if you had the contract templates you needed to address the common legal issues that you face as a small/online business owner selling digital products?

⚡ Templates that you can customize for your needs?

⚡ Templates that are written in plain english because legalese is 🤮?

I absolutely loved it. I was a little stressed about compiling the different disclaimers I would need, and figuring out how to word my refund policy and this took all of that weight off of me. Not only am I relieved, I feel more equipped.





So what’s inside The DIGITAL SALES PACK?

You get instant access to a course/digital product terms and conditions and privacy policy templates that are necessary to sell online legally and protect the content inside that you worked so hard to create.

DIGITAL PRODUCT/Course terms and conditions ($255 value)

This template is specific for your course or digital product. You can add it to your course or the platform where you store your digital products.  

It includes customizable clauses that addresses:

➔ What’s inside your course

➔ Fees and payment plan instructions + what happens if a payment is missed

➔ Guidelines if you have a private community

➔ How your purchasers can use the content inside your course

➔ What happens if someone shares content without your permission

➔ How you can use the testimonials for all the amazing things your customer says about your course/membership.

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Privacy policy ($155 value)

This template is for your website if you are gathering emails, payments, or any personal identifying information from visitors.

It includes customizable clauses that address: 

➔ Collection of cookies

➔How you collect data


➔ Californica Consumer Privacy Act and privacy for children

Privacy policy ($155 value)

This template is for your website if you are gathering emails, payments, or any personal identifying information from visitors.

It includes customizable clauses that address: 

➔ Collection of cookies

➔How you collect data


➔ Californica Consumer Privacy Act and privacy for children

WEBSITE terms and conditions ($255 value)

This template is to use for your website. It covers your business and all of the content on your website, not just your course.   

It includes customizable clauses that addresses:

How visitors can use the content you post.

How visitors can use any other intellectual property, a.k.a. trademarks, on your website.

What happens if your client’s credit card information is stolen using your website .

Steps to take if you use copyrighted material, and someone accuses you of copyright infringement.

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🔥 Website disclaimers and disclosures ($27 value): 9 website disclaimers that will help keep you out of court. This includes a sponsored post disclosure, earnings disclaimer, testimonial disclaimer, and no professional relationship disclaimer. 

🔥 Testimonial release ($97 value): It’s great when you can get a testimonial from a client or customer, because it’s like pulling teeth to get one. AMIRITE!? A testimonial release gives you permission from your customer or client so you can legally use their testimonial as you see fit without their input. 


The digital sales pack is Only $790 $600

These contract templates eased a world of worries for me! No need to worry if I’m covered – I just AM.


Zen Aesthetics

Getting my health disclaimer set up for my website and online course was so easy with Michelle! She included everything I asked for and more.

Erin Simas

Erin Simas, LLC, The BSB Method


If you’re not happy with your purchase, you have 7 days to request a refund.

 After 7 days, there are no refunds.

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What if: 

You finally stopped putting the legal “stuff” on the backburner 

– You have legal contract so that you can scale your business and earn passive income

– More customers are purchasing because they feel comfortable and confident with you


Then suddenly…

You feel confident and secure that your contracts are actually protecting you and your business + you’re selling legally with your privacy policy

– You’re not so worried about students stealing your course content (although I still recommend registering the copyright)

– You are finally seeing the needle move in your business

Still got Questions? Lemme Answer them for you

Will this product work for my niche?

If you are an online business or service based business with digital products, this is perfect for you. This bundle has contract templates to make your website legal and to protrect your digital products.

Do I get access to everything as soon as I purchase?

Yes! You’ll have immediate access to the contract templates. You’ll receive an email after you purchase asking you to create a login. All the templates will be stored in that platform. 

What happens after I purchase?

You’ll be redirected to a welcome page and you’ll be able to create your log in to access your bundle. You’ll also receive 2 emails: your purchase receipt and a welcome email with the links you’ll need to access your products.

Will I get 1:1 access to an attorney?

The CEO Legal Loft is an educational resource, and you will not have 1:1 access to an attorney when you purchase the bundle. If you need access to an attorney, you can contact Wilson Murphy Law or go to an attorney in your state.

Is there a guarantee?

I’ve worked really hard on these templates and want to make sure that you’re happy with your purchase.

If for any reason, you are unsatisfied with your membership, you may get a refund within 7 days of purchase.

REFUND POLICY: If for any reason, you are unsatisfied with your bundle, you may get a refund within 7 days of purchase.

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