With the digital product usage agreement, you’ll:

Protect your digital product from theft and copycats

Tell the purchaser what they can and cannot do with your digital product

Alert the purchaser of what happens if they don’t follow your rules

Feel confident putting your digital product out to the world

It was a pleasure working with Michelle. She was so kind & pleasant and honest about her opinions. She explained all of the legal jargon in a way that was easy to understand. Highly recommend working with her! You won’t regret it.


Meet Michelle!

I am Michelle Murphy, the owner of The CEO Legal Loft and Wilson Murphy Law, a boutique law firm that partners with creative entrepreneurs and small business owners to protect their intellectual property and small business.  

I’ve worked with over 100 small businesses to help them legally protect their business, so I know the legal issues you face on a daily basis. I’m here to make the law accessible for your business, no matter how big or small.