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After a long day of consultation calls and hearing more nos than yeses for my legal services, I wanted to figure out a way to offer something for small business owners who absolutely needed my help, but didn't have quite the budget to hire a lawyer. 

I had seen some of my colleagues selling digital products. and decided to try my hand at it. I put together a legal guide with the common legal issues business owners have and it flew off the proverbial shelves. Since then I've added $30,000+ in additional income from digital products and now I'm sharing the key components to creating a digital product that customers actually want. 

Inside you'll find:
  • 7 ways to find ideas for your digital product 
  • How to ensure your digital product will result in sales
  • How to make money before you even create the product
  • The simple tech you can use if you’re creating your first digital product + tech suggestions depending on the product type
  • 3 legal issues you need to consider before putting your digital products on the market (one that you never would have thought of)
  • How to get content taken down from a website and social media platforms

Create a Digital Product That Sells

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What you get

01. 5 video modules on how to choose, create, and legally protect your first digital product 
02. Video demonstrations of different tech you can use to set up your first digital products

03.The digital product quick start guide to help you knockout the creation process as quickly as possible
04. A pre-order disclaimer template to make it very clear to customers when they're receiving their products and what they're responsible for
05. Digital product ideas to get you started