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Hey there, CEO!

I’m Michelle Murphy, a trademark and small business lawyer in the sunny state of Florida. I partner with creative entrepreneurs and small business owners, helping them build and protect their dream businesses.

Are you one of the millions of entrepreneurs who feel a sense of dread when thinking about your business’s legal side? You aren’t alone. That’s why I created The CEO Legal Loft and the CEO Legal Loft Membership.

Internet searches often leave business owners more stressed, overwhelmed, and confused than before they started their research. The burden of trying to make sense of it all paralyzes business owners and makes them second-guess their dreams – or worse, give up on them entirely. Entrepreneurs need access to reliable legal answers to law for small businesses to become who they were meant to be – confident and fearless business owners.

Relax. You’ve found a place with reliable, down-to-earth legal answers you can trust. Take a peek at the legal templates, contracts and agreements, trademark course, and The CEO Legal Kit. There’s even an all-inclusive legal membership for entrepreneurs only with member-exclusive perks! 

Kick back with your favorite beverage (Riesling, for me!) and scroll through the shop. This space was created by small business owners exclusively for you. 

Michelle Murphy of The CEO Legal Loft - Legal Templates for Small Business

What Would You Do if all of your contracts were legally binding and protected your brand?

Sleep better? Increase your prices? Hire some help?

The possibilities are endless!

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Shop the simple contract templates and agreements, trademark course, The CEO Legal Kit, and more based on the needs of your business.

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